Welcome to Forquilla Ltd

Forquilla provides blockchain solutions across a variety of industries and applications. If you are involved with process managements, the blockchain has the potential to save you serious amounts of money.

When to consider a Blockchain solution

  • Do multiple parties need to access the same data or write to the data store?
  • Do all parties need assurance that the data is valid and hasn’t been tampered with?
  • Do you rely on an intermediary that adds no value?
  • Do you rely on a complex or unreliable process to reconcilee transactions of multiple parties? when all should have the same data?
  • Or is there no system available today that does what you require?
  • Are there good reasons not to have a centralized system?

If the answer to most or all of these questions is “yes” then it’s worth considering a blockchain based solution provided that the pain point you’ve identitied is shared by other ecosystem players, or you have identified partners that are interested in exploring a new opportunity with you. Forquilla presents bespoke business plans to tick all these boxes.

Security & Smart contracting

Do you need secure storage of large amounts of data that can be remotely accessed from different locations whilst preserving integrity? Our blockchain solutions can give access at different levels of security, without interfering with everyday data requirements.

Perhaps your business provides escrow or procurement services? With providence being a core feature of the blockchain, our engineers are experts in writing smart contracts to cover any situation.